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Original Mutoh Drafstation...
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Original Mutoh Drafstation RJ-900C...

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This print head is suitable for Mutoh Drafstation printers. This is the original Mutoh printhead (part number DF-49029) with a Mutoh 40 digit head ID. This printhead is intended to be used with water based inks. Please refer to PPHMUVJ1204 for the 24 digit head ID solvent based Mutoh printhead.

Original Water Based DX4...
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Original Water Based DX4 Print Head...

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The Epson DX4 (fourth generation micro-piezo printhead) has a typical firing frequency of 8 kHz, a minimum droplet size of 3.5 pico litre and is used for either 1 colour through both channels or 2 colours through the independent channels.